CARBAFIN workshop at EFIB

CARBAFIN @EFIB2021 – Event Summary

EFIB2021 is over and about 50 participants have joined the CARBAFIN pre-conference workshop “The future of CARBAFIN’s glycosylation technology in industrial production processes”.

At first, participants were introduced to the project, its objectives, concepts and key results by project manager Christiane Luley (acib). Then, industrial representatives Thomas Häßler (Pfeifer & Langen), Steven Koenig (bitop) and Stefan Krawielitzki (AVA Biochem) showed different use cases of the glycosylation technology in food, cosmetics or bulk chemistry applications. But the various application fields might be even broader, which was shown by the presentations of external industry partners, Michael Merz (Nestlé), Ronny Vercauteren (Cargill) and Regis Marchand (SEPPIC).

To discuss the replication potential of CARBAFIN and future collaborations in further detail, participants came together in a world café discussion and concentrated on three topics:

  • Replication potential of CARBAFIN’s glycosylation technology
  • Requirements of life-cycle-assessments for process validations
  • Expectations of collaborations in European project consortia

Get a summary of the world café discussion here.