CARBAFIN webinar: The potential of phosphorylase-based glycosylation technology for industry

12th April 2021, 9:00 am – 10:15 am

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Sugar industry is facing a crisis since several years. The sugar quota has fallen and caused a significant descrease in prices. The European project CARBAFIN is about the development of a radically new value chain for the utilization of sucrose from sugar beet biomass. Functional glycosides (eg for prebiotics or cosmetics) or platform chemicals (eg for bioplastics, biopolymers or biofuels) are important examples for products of the new technology and open new and economically relevant perspectives to several industry sectors.

The central aspect for the conversion of sugar (sucrose) is the use of glycoside phosphorylases, highly active and robust enzymes for linking sugar molecules to another compound. In the frame of CARBAFIN this glycosylation process was optimized within cell factories and linked to an efficient downstream processing.

What does that mean to the industrial sectors of food/feed, cosmetics or also chemistry?

The webinar demonstrates how CARBAFIN is going to contribute to a bio-based re-industrialization in Europe by glycosylation processes based on sucrose with fructose valorization in parallel.

We cordially invite exploiters and potential technology users from industry as well as interested scientists to join our virtual CARBAFIN event and to discuss potential application fields and perspectives!


Welcome address (Prof. Dr. Bernd Nidetzky; Coordinator of CARBAFIN, CSO acib GmbH, Professor at Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, Graz University of Technology)

CARBAFIN – a phosphorylase-based glycosylation technology

  • Introduction to the project: CARBAFIN at a glance (Dr. Christiane Luley; Project manager of CARBAFIN, acib GmbH)
  • Process integration strategies (DI Andreas Kruschitz; PhD student of CARBAFIN, acib GmbH)

When it comes to application – experiences from industry

  • Single phosphorylase glycosylation technology for Glycoin® production at bitop
  • Multi-step phosphorylase glycosylation technology in bulk industry at Pfeifer & Langen
  • Making use of fructose (waste) streams for the production of 5-HMF at AVA Biochem

The potential of generating new value chains

  • Potential of CARBAFIN technology in other industry sectors (Dr. Kai Baldenius; External Advisor of CARBAFIN, Consultant)
  • Open discussion and Q/A Session