Pins as a symbol for Immobilization

New data about co-immobilized enzymes for production of cello-oligosaccharides

The paper “Three-enzyme phosphorylase cascade immobilized on solid support for biocatalytic synthesis of cello-oligosaccharides” was published in the journal ChemCatChem in December 2019. Now, all data are open access as well!

What is it about?

The synthesis of cello-oligosaccharides is a multistep process, which consists of several enzymatic reactions. For the sake of efficiency, biotechnologists would prefer to string these steps together (enzyme cascades), but this is challenging. Enzymes need to be recycled in order to keep their functionality. The recycling process is easier when enzymes are immobilized, but this process is well developed only for single enzymes so far. The actual CARBAFIN paper presents a controlled co-immobilization of three enzymes (glycoside phosphorylases) for the conversion of sucrose and glucose into soluble cello-oligosaccharide chains. The system is highly active AND recylable!

This is a very important step forward, since multienzyme cascades play an important role in synthetic carbohydrate chemistry.

Picture credits: Pixabay (Symbol for immobilized enzymatic cascades)