New Publication at „Microbial Cell Factories”

The CARBAFIN research team from acib has published an article in “Microbial Cell Factories”. It describes the use of a whole cell-based catalyst for the enzymatic production of glucosylglycerol, one of the main CARBAFIN target compounds. Glucosylglycerol has promising applications in cosmetic, food and feed formulations. We consider whole cell biocatalysis to be an excellent choice, because the enzyme is accumulated in large amounts inside the cell. That offers a highly active and ready-to-use sucrose phosphorylase, which is one of the key biocatalysts of the CARBAFIN glycosylation technology.

Especially, the sucrose phosphorylase from the bacterium Leuconostoc mesenteroides turned out to be a promising candidate for a whole cell-based catalyst formulation in Escherichia coli. These findings have been published and are available here.