thermometer showing 45°C in summer

New publication at ChemBioChem

It’s getting “hot in the city” but this is no problem for the thermostable sucrose phosphorylase which was engineered by our CARBAFIN team at University of Ghent. The biocatalyst derived from Bifidobacterium adolescentis can cope with temperatures higher than 50°C, which offers a reduction of microbial contamination during the production process of glucosylglycerol, a moisturizing ingredient in skin care products. The engineered enzyme shows a significantly improved efficiency, and therefore, gained relevance for cosmetic or food industry. For more details check out the original publication, published in ChemBioChem in May 2021.

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Franceus J, Ubiparip Z, Beerens K, Desmet T: Engineering of a thermostable biocatalyst for the synthesis of 2-O-Glucosylglycerol. 2021, ChemBioChem.