New Publication on Cellodextrin Production

The CARBAFIN team is proud to present another peer-reviewed publication about improved cellodextrin production processes! Cellodextrins are oligosaccharides that have promising applications as nutrial ingredients as long as they are soluble enough. The solubility mainly depends on the degree of polymerization, which is an important parameter for the biotechnological production.

The recent publication proposes a cascade approach by using three enzymes (glycoside phosphorylase cascade) for the conversion of sucrose and glucose into short-chain (soluble) cellodextrins. Our CARBAFIN team identified the three major factors that are crucial for an efficient reaction: the ratio of enzyme activity, the ratio of sucrose and glucose (substrate) and the phosphate concentration used. The article describes a balanced approach for product solubility control and yield and gives some important hints about upstream and downstream processing.

Preview to the Biotechnology Journal at Wiley Online Library

For reading the full article, please follow the link. The article was published in the Biotechnology Journal (Nov. 2019).