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Publication news: b-glucan phosphorylases in carbohydrate synthesis

Our team from Ghent University has released a Mini-Review presenting an overview of the application of β-glucan phosphorylases in carbohydrate synthesis. Derived carbohydrates (β-glucans) such as cellodextrins can be used as ingredients and additives in the food, feed or cosmetic industry. There is no doubt that the relevance of this enzyme class is increasing for these industrial sectors and will warrant spending more efforts on enzyme engineering, as was also shown in the CARBAFIN project.

Have a look on the publication by following the link:

Ubiparip, Z., De Doncker, M., Beerens, K., Franceus, J., Desmet, T. β-Glucan phosphorylases in carbohydrate synthesis. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol (2021).